Ballarat Gym

Spartans Gym is the biggest 24/7 Ballarat Gym! 

With a massive range of  equipment filling the huge 650 square meter space, including:

Strength Training

For all of your strength training needs - Dumbbells up to 70kg, specialty barbells, 6 power racks, 6 deadlift platforms, a variety of plate loaded machines for hitting all the major muscle groups, pin loaded machines for every need such as lat pull downs, cable rows, various leg curls, leg extensions and multi-cable stations.

Multiple training implements are throughout the gym from battle ropes, boxing bags, sprint sleds or specialty lifting bars.Having the right bar when training is crucial to ensure that you are executing the exercise properly and achieving the best results. We have: texas deadlift bar, texas power bar, olympic lifting bar, swiss bar, okie deadlift bar, safety squat bar. 

Cardio Equipment

Our cardio equipment area contains a diverse range of options to pick through  - concept 2 rowers, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, elliptical trainers, stair masters, steppers and xpresso digital racing bikes.

There is something in this Ballarat Gym to cater for everyone's training needs. 

The Shop

The Spartans Gym also boasts a huge shop containing all of your supplements(protein powders, pre-workouts, amino acids and fat burners) training accessories (lifting straps, wraps, belts and grips) and plenty of training apparel (singlets, shorts, shirts and hoodies). Drop in to the shop to get sorted for your workout!

On top of all this, the staff at Spartans are more than happy to help you out with your training. Whether it is membership assistance, training advice or some nutritional guidance, ask away, the team are there to help you reach your goal! Personal trainers are also on deck to help you out with some extra motivation and assistance to help get to your goals. 

24/7 memberships start from $9.95 week and casual visits are just $10.

For the best Ballarat Gym check out Spartans Gym.

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