Ballarat Personal Training – Spartans Gym

Combined with over 650square meters of space, filled with an extensive range of equipment and with 24/7 access - Spartans Gym Ballarat  ­­also has plenty of options for those keen on personal training.


TJ Personal training - With personalised one on one training or two on one available we can customise any work out to suit any fitness level from basic to advanced. We are both trainers that practice what we preach. I can help you to gain muscle and shred fat or help you to just get that little fitter and help you feeling better. We can help you with your nutrition and get your food on track to assure you get the most from your training.

Contact Troy or Melissa on 0411 551 554      


Viking Strong - for all your health and fitness requirements whether you just want to train for health, drop body fat or aim for a competition with programs catered to suit all fitness levels and goals and nutritional advice available Viking Strong will get you there. Offering specific programs from beginner to advanced to help you reach your goals I offer one on one or two on one sessions if you find it easier with a friend. I believe that no matter your situation some form of physical activity and change of lifestyle can help to improve your life.

Contact Alex - 0419 701 983


For all your Ballarat personal training needs contact Spartans Gym today (5333 4333) and we can help direct you towards one of our fantastic team.


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