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Finding Balance

Everyone has been through a fitness experience that is unique to themselves, and we might be at different stages in life right now. Regardless of where you are or where you have been, I think we can all agree that finding a balance between training, nutrition, and life is no easy feat. It might be simple, but it definitely takes trial and error to get to where it suits us just right. This also means that balance is going to look different to everyone and that it is also constantly changing throughout our journey.

It's ok to have a busy period at work where you're cutting training down to 2 - 3 times a week, or even less. Sometimes other priorities arise and we go astray of our perfectly calculated 1,600 calories/day. Or we might have had a birthday over the weekend and completely went off track with way too much cake and alcohol. This is perfectly fine every now and then. No matter how good or bad, too much of anything isn't healthy.

The same could be said as if you're beginning a fitness challenge (just like this one!). You're all fired up to smash all the workouts, cook every meal, remove all junk food from your pantry, and walk 10,000 steps/day. This is great news! However, down the line, you might find yourself feeling a little down after skipping out on Friday movie night, Saturday date night, and Sunday brunch with the girls because you're worried you'll be tempted by food that doesn't fit into your macros. There's nothing wrong with making space for new priorities, however if you feel deprived instead of refreshed, this might just not be the right balance for you.

Life is constantly changing with new experiences and challenges along the way, so what's to say that you'll need to stick to the same fitness and nutrition plan throughout? Keep searching and learning to find what works for you, and remember, there's no time limit on this one. Finding balance is a life long journey, just make sure you have a little fun doing it along the way!

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