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HIIT Training

No Gym? No Worries

No Equipment? No Worries

No Time? Now your just making excuses

Below we have put together a full-body 24 minute HIIT circuit that you can do whenever you like, where ever

you like, with whoever you like.

Get your blood pumping, burn calories and feel great with this endorphin-releasing workout

Now.. let's get to it!



1 Round= Completion of exercises 1-8

Work/Rest time

Beginners 15 seconds work, 45 seconds rest

Intermediate 25 seconds work, 35 seconds rest

Advanced 35 seconds work, 25 seconds rest

Exercise 1 - Squat Jumps

Exercise 2 - Crossbody Mountain Climbers

Exercise 3 - Lunges

Exercise 4 - Dips

Exercise 5 - Prisoner Side To Side Squats

Exercise 6 - Push-ups

Exercise 7 - Bicycle Sit-ups

Exercise 8 - Burpees

Repeat x3

What do you need?


-Good music

-A chair/bench/anything you can use to perform dips. If you have nothing, plank instead

What are the benefits of this training?

On top of burning calories, this training can help improve both cardiovascular health and strength. it is great for any fitness levels

How often should I do this circuit?

2-4 times per week

What intensity should be training?

This is 'HIIT' training, meaning high-intensity interval training. That means when its time to work, you are working hard!

Get it done anywhere, anytime in under 30 minutes!

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