The role of Supplements in your Fat Loss Journey

When it comes to losing body fat there is so much information and so many 'gurus' it can seem completely overwhelming. We have no idea where to start or who to believe the it comes to making the right choices.

This is where Spartans coaches come into play. We never sacrifice our values and are 100% committed to ensuring you have nothing but the best information fo fast-track your results.

Fat loss is, on paper, a simple formula. Expend more calories than we take in on a daily basis. You may have heard the line "eat less than you burn" but here at Spartans, we DO NOT recommend this model.

Although the difference may seem simple there is a distinct difference between the two and our number one focus is keeping you healthy while reaching your fat loss goal.

The key to doing this is to have you eating as much high quality food as possible while losing body fat.

This is also the ideal environment for supplements to have their maximum effect. Fat burners are commonly used to enhance energy, focus, mood and fat metabolising. These work by stimulating our metabolic rate to expend more calories during exercise. They also work best when we already active and eating a good amount of nutritious food.

We go by the guideline that a fat burner can increase your results by 5-10% depending on the individual.

Here's a couple of examples to highlight this:

Client 1 cut their calories to 'lose fat faster' and is eating 1000 calories per day. This fat burner will help her burn 50-100 calories/day for this client.

Client 2 took the smarter approach by focusing on quality of nutrients along with getting metabolic stimulating exercise (resistance training) included in their plan. They're eating 2000 calories a day so their fat burner will burn an additional 100-200 calories per day.

That's up to 4x as much as client 1!

Hopefully this example highlights how important our nutrition is to sustaining a healthy metabolic rate is, especially when it comes to fat loss!

The Supplements

  1. Fruits & Vegetable Supplement: This may sound like a very strange fat burner, but it is our number one recommendation if you could only take a single product. It is vital we get sufficient vitamins and minerals on a daily basis in order for our body to run in it's optimal state. If we want our bodies to burn up extra calories then it's even more important! Take a serve every single day upon rising. It's the ideal kick start to your day and your body will thank you for it. This will also help keep your insides clean, in particular your liver, which is your number one fat burning organ. Our top pick is Myoblox Martian which has 34 serves of the highest quality fruits and vegetables in every serve.

  2. Fat Burner: As the name suggests these can be a great tool to help accelerate our fat loss progress. This is not a magic powder solution, but can help give us a nice little boost to kick things along. These can be taken in the morning or before exercise to help use more body fat as an energy source. Your coach can recommend the bet product for you personally based on your goals but some good examples can be found below:

Muscle Nation Destiny

Ghost Burn

Redcon1 Double Tap

3. Sleep Aid: Another product you probably didn't think would be in this list, but let me explain. Sleep is the time when our bodies recharge and reset for the day ahead of us. This is a critical time and also when our cortisol levels are at their lowest. We actually burn the highest percentage of fat while we sleep! Getting not only enough quantity but also enough quality of sleep is a hug factor in not only your fat loss, but also your hormonal function and muscle recovery. These additional factors have a major impact on our bodies ability to burn fat as an energy source. We want you to train hard, but also understand that what we do outside of training, including our food & sleep have an even bigger impact in our fat loss progress.

The product I'd recommend is Axe & Sledge Dozer. This is a very comprehensive product but quite strong so please start out with half a serve to assess your tolerance.

Hopefully this article has provided some insight into what the priority of training/nutrition/sleep and where supplements fit into this equation. They can absolutely add value to your plan, but they are an addition, not a substitute. Nothing works unless we do the it comes to fat loss. This is the type of situation where it's very clear to see who's been doing the work and who's been hoping their fat burner can make up the difference.

If you'd like some more personalised advice on which supplements will be best for your plan, please reach out to your coach directly or drop a comment below 😁

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